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Top 10 styling tips

Tami DaylamiComment
Top 10 styling tips

To help you finesse your wardrobe into something that's perfect for you.

1. Find out what style of jeans look best on you and invest in a few good pairs. A dark wash, a black and maybe a medium wash. Finding the right fit denim is crucial. Not all denim looks good on everyone. But when you have the right fitting denim you can always dress them up or down.

2. Get a good bra and strapless bra. I'd say go get your size checked at Nordstrom's or Victoria's Secret, but I often don't agree with their sizing. Go in and try them on one by one.  Then put your T-shirt on over each of them and make sure there aren't any cups showing or squishing of the back or straps that are pinching you. Don't be so worried about what the actual size is, but be more worried about what it looks like and feels like on your body. Putting your T-shirt on over it will help you see what it looks like with your clothes on and a thin T-shirt is usually the most unforgiving, so if you're bra doesn't lay right you'll be able to notice it right away under a T-shirt.

3. Find a good black (vegan) leather jacket. Any style that matches your wardrobe. This can help with so many outfits. They can give a little edge, it can dress things down, it can dress other things up, and It'll give you that easy jacket to grab on-the-go. And further if you find a good vegan leather jacket in black and it comes in another color like Tan or a light cream or a navy, I would suggest getting that too.

4. Find a great pair of comfortable go-to sneakers, that you keep clean, not for the gym but for you're on the go days. You can throw these on with any casual outfit and still feel put together and comfortable without feeling like a mess in your pajamas or your gym clothes.

5. Have an easy, comfortable go-to dress for any party you may need to go to last minute. I say comfortable and easy meaning nothing body con or strapless or fussy. So if you're feeling bloated or like you don't wanna mess with what type of bra to wear or anything like that, you still have that one dress you can throw on and be happy with.

6. Shoes!!! A few pairs I think you should have (minus what I mentioned above about the sneakers) an ankle boot, a strappy heel and a closed toe pump. Ankle boots- for when it's cold, you can always wear socks with them, to make an outfit more edgy, their often more comfortable than heels. Strappy heels- they're sexy, help dress things up for going out! And the closed toe pump- their sexy also help dress things up, but sometimes you don't have a fresh pedicure and ungroomed toes are not cute! Obviously all vegan.  If you need recommendations for vegan brands- let me know!

7. Invest in some real jewelry. Jewelry can also help dress things up. One of my favorite going out outfits is a pair of skinny jeans, a tank top ankle boots and my jewels. I love watches- so I always have one of those. And then I just layer some things on. I like a good pair of hoop earrings, a few rings, some bangles and a skinny necklace. But these items I can wear all day or night. They're not fussy or too bulky, they really help my outfit, and also make me feel pretty.

8. And on that note, invest in some good accessories! Get yourself a couple of going out bags/ clutches- whatever you prefer. A scarf or 2- not just the big bulky kind for winter.  And maybe a belt or 2. These little pieces can be used over and over and look different with many outfits, but are all part of your look.

9. Find out what you feel best in and invest in that! Maybe you love your legs- get shorts, skirts, romper, short dresses whatever you like that accentuate this feature you love. Maybe you just love Jeans- like I do! So I have jeans for all occasions! Maybe you feel extra pretty in dresses- get you some dresses. Find out what it is that makes you feel best when you put it on and invest in that.

10.  Last but not least and maybe my favorite- do whatever the hell you need to do to feel good about you and your body!! THAT will make the biggest difference. Your confidence radiates above everything. And if you aren't happy with yourself and your body- that's number one. I can’t stress enough how good it is for your mind, body and soul to exercise!! Not to be skinny but to be healthy and fucking happy!! It will change your life, I swear!  So will a good therapist!  But I’ll save that for another post!

Please ask me any questions you have. I can elaborate on any of these topics and give you more info wherever you need! There are a few of these that I could write a whole post about and I probably will.  But please let me know if there’s anything YOU wanna hear more about.  Also, we can do a 30 minutes consultation for $50 via skype or on the phone! Just let me know!!