10 Days of Denim

10 Days of Denim

I basically wear denim 7 days a week, all year long.  I find it to be so easy and versatile.  Here are some of the easiest outfits I made, that I wear on the regular. To be totally honest I have much more denim I didn’t showcase.  And I didn’t even touch on jackets or even chambray. Which isn’t denim, but has a similar look, effect and versatility to me. I pulled everything out of my closet, and most of this is stuff I wear all the time.  


Free People Cutoff Denim Shorts- easy super staple for me.  They're comfortable, I can eat whatever I want, when I wear them.  I can be active, since they're not booty shorts, and I feel good in them.  Just paired with a baggy tee. 

Zara Short Overalls

Zara Short Overalls- Okay.  I have a bit of an obsession with overalls of all kind.  These have been one of my favorite short overalls since I bought them a couple summers ago.  I even have worn them out to a club with a sexy black top and black ankle boots. I LOVE overalls!

Forever 21 overalls

Forever 21 Overalls-  Overalls #2...  and I had to try to not add third.  These are just comfy and cute.  Again, I can eat whatever I want when I wear these, I can be mobile and still look good. 

Paige Flare Denim

Paige Denim Bootcut-  I still like my bootcut jeans and the only reason I don't wear them more often is it's hard to find ones that are long enough for me.  That's one of the main reasons I love skinny jeans so much.  I'm not as worried about the length.  But these bootcut jeans are great.  Nice dark wash, super stretchy, not super high rise.  I paired them with a baggy sweater and soe rose colored ankle boots.

Levis Skinny Jeans

Levis Skinnies- These are staple!  Comfortable, stretchy, simple, clean wash. I can wear these with anything!  

H&M Girlfriend Jeans

H&M girlfriend Jean-  These were a recent find!  A little less baggy then a boyfriend fit, but the same idea.  Super comfortable and versatile.  I usually just wear these with a tank and sandals, But I paired them with a blouse and ankle boots just show these can still be dressy or good for a date night!

Destroyed Denim

Holding Horses Distressed Jeans-  I'm a real sucker for distressed jeans.  And I love these so much because they had no distressing when I got them except a tiny patch on the upper left thigh.  But this is all just real wear-and-tear. So you can imagine how much i've worn these.  A classic white tee and jeans is one of my go-to looks.  I always feel good in this outfit.  And I put on some velvet cheetah print heels just because! 

Joe's Grey Distressed Skinnies

Joes Grey Distressed Jeans- These are one my colored denim options.  I wear jeans all the time, so sometimes it nice to wear something not so denim looking.  Enter, my grey skinnies.  Just like my jeans they're stretchy, comfortable, versatile, but I feel like I'm wearing something a little different.  Just let me have this one. 

Level 99 Wide Leg Jeans

Level 99 Trousers- Just like my bootcut jeans, I love trousers, but same issue.  It's hard finding ones that are long enough.  But these were a great find about 5 years ago at Anthropologie.  These are lightweight and great for summer too! And how great is my top? Recent Zara purchase.

White Top Shop Skinnies

Topshop Jamie Skinnies- White denim is one of my favorite!  I don't wear them enough, because i'm a major klutz, but own several pairs.  And I don't follow those rules that say you can't wear white after labor day.  White is one of my favorite colors.  Like I said earlier, a white tee and jeans is a staple outfit for me.  So anyways, I wear these all year long! I just paired them with a color blouse and neutral boots and i'm all set!