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Transition Pieces

Tami DaylamiComment
Transition Pieces

So, this is nothing fancy, but just 3 items I took and did a summer version and a fall/winter version. I took 2 items that feel very summery, and 1 item you might think is only for the winter.  Just to give it a little variety.  Hope you like it.  And let me know what you think.


Urban Outfitters magenta silky camisole

Summer style- White jeans, neutral sandals. Have fun! =)


Winter Style- This color and style might feel like only a summer piece, but you can just layer it up for the winter. I wore this light-weight, peachy sweater that’s off the shoulder, paired with darker jeans, and tan ankle boots. But you could always wear a cardigan and layer a leather jacket on top of that. The color is more of a jewel tone and I love those for the winter season.


Zara Camel Pullover

Summer Style- Now this one is fall piece. But I think there are times, maybe more in the spring, where this is totally appropriate for the weather. And since it’s a lighter color and not too heavy, I think it works. I paired it with some cut-off jeans and my favorite Converse Hi-Tops. I added a skinny, blush colored belt, to help lighten up the feel, as well.


Winter Style- I threw on some dark jeans and blush ankle boots. You can’t see it, because I wasn’t careful, but I am still wearing the skinny blush belt which matches the ankle boots. And I grabbed one of my favorite Billabong animal print faux fur jacket.


Billabong Striped Dress

Summer Style- obviously this IS a summer piece. I just paired it with some comfy tan + gold sandals and a tan cross-body. But it pretty much goes with anything.


Winter Style- this was definitely more of a fall focused style, rather that winter. If it was actually colder than 60 degrees (yes, I’m a wimp, I grew up in LA. I’m fully aware) I would have worn thicker tights, maybe taller boots, and/or a longer thicker jacket. But my point is, you can just layer this up. The colors are neutral and you can totally use it in the colder seasons.