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Mix It Up With Patterns & Prints

Tami DaylamiComment
Mix It Up With Patterns & Prints

How to mix patterns: -  I think it’s important to keep the colors limited.  You’re mixing prints, you don’t want to also mix a ton of colors, then you’ll just look messy.  So I think picking 2 prints with similar colors, and maybe one with a big print and one with a smaller print.  I think plaids, stripes, and cheetah/leopard prints can almost be the “neutral” print of the two. Like you can do a floral and a plaid, or an abstract print and a stripe or some other print, especially if there aren’t too many colors.  Here are my examples:

First look - A plaid Volcom skirt and a floral off-the-shoulder top. I think the plaid is kinda a neutral and the flowers are black and white so that’s not too much going on, and then obviously the top has a red background, which adds a little color, so it’s not too boring.  The red purse I thought was fun and I wore tan, heeled mules from BC Shoes instead of black to break up all the black and white. 

tami - patterns-5.jpg
tami - patterns-2.jpg

1- Volcom plaid knee length skirt with red billabong off-the-shoulder top, tan BC mules, Forever 21 red cross-body, wooden bangle, hoops, staple jewels, Free People big gold necklace.

tami - patterns-6.jpg
tami - patterns-10.jpg
tami - patterns-8.jpg

Second look- Another Volcom skirt, actually the same skirt, just a different pattern. It’s a peachy color with a black pattern.  Then I threw on a blue top with white polka dots.  The only bold color is the blue, the other colors are very neutral and both patterns are small.  Then I threw on my Roxy slides with a creamy faux snake skin print.  And I grabbed a tan clutch that matches the base of my shoes. 

tami - patterns-13.jpg
tami - patterns-23.jpg

2-    Volcom pale pink knee length skirt with Zara blue top w/ polka dots, Roxy slides w/ tan snake skin, Forever 21 tan zipper clutch, wooden bangles, staple jewels, Michael Kors watch

tami - patterns-18.jpg
tami - patterns-29.jpg
tami - patterns-24.jpg

#3 Zara high waisted plaid pants. There a slightly heavier material and would be great for fall and winter (even though I paired them with a thin camisole-like top) It’s a small plaid, the pants are tan and the plaid has a little black and red in it.  Then my top is marigold with tiny white stars.  Again, both the patterns are small.  I added the cape for a little style.  I thought it went well and really helped make it feel more like a Fall outfit, since, you probably wouldn’t wear those pants in the summer, like you would the top. But I also did wear peep toe shoes, so it’s very much an “LA” outfit in that many climates wouldn’t permit this look. 

tami - patterns-96.jpg
tami - patterns-103.jpg

3-    Zara high waisted plaid pants w/ Volcom yellow stars top, Matisse black polka dot heels, tan Forever 21 cape, black vintage clutch, all gold jewels, vintage studs, hair pulled in bun.

tami - patterns-112.jpg
tami - patterns-109.jpg
tami - patterns-110.jpg

#4 is another pair of pants from Zara.  These are high waisted but a light-weight silky material.  So is the top.  The top is from RVCA that I bought off Poshmark 3 years ago.  I liked that the top was a little simpler in that it was just black and white, but obviously it’s an abstract print while the pants are floral.  Both the prints are bigger and bolder, but somehow, they still work for me.  And I wore a very neutral grayish color, heeled, mule.  And I just threw on my simple black cross-body purse.

tami - patterns-62.jpg
tami - patterns-69.jpg

4-    Zara high waisted floral pants with black and white RVCA top, slate mules, black cross-body, all gold, watch, gold necklace.

tami - patterns-73.jpg
tami - patterns-66.jpg
tami - patterns-71.jpg

The Fifth look is a vintage blouse I bought in Chicago, a $10 skirt I found at Topshop, some bone colored Zara boots, and my mom’s vintage clutch, again.  The red’s match (from the top and the bottom) but the pinks don’t.  And they’re obviously different flowers, but I think the style of the pieces go so well together, that I just love this one. I added the neutral accessories the keep the look clean since the prints are a lot already.

tami - patterns-116.jpg
tami - patterns-126.jpg

5-    TopShop floral skirt, vintage red Blouse, Zara bone color boots, mom’s vintage crochet purse, gold heart necklace, pink studs and ring, staple jewels.

tami - patterns-131.jpg
tami - patterns-139.jpg
tami - patterns-141.jpg

A simple green A-line dress from & Other Stories that has a tiny floral print in black and white.  Then a faux Suede black, white and grey cheetah moto jacket.  The white boots are vegan leather from Free People.  I thought the boots really pulled this look together. The only real pop of color here is the green, but there are 2 distinct prints going on. Oh, and I threw on that same white cross body bag again.

tami - patterns-46.jpg
tami - patterns-56.jpg

6-    Green & Other Stories dress with cheetah jacket on top and white Free People boots, white purse, Nashelle green ring, staple jewels, watch, hoops

tami - patterns-57.jpg
tami - patterns-55.jpg
tami - patterns-54.jpg
tami - patterns-74.jpg

Look #7 is another piece from & Other Stories, a pink floral midi skirt that has multi-color flowers on it and I paired it with a cream and navy striped top.  The skirt has a little cream in it, but no navy.  But the stripes are thin and not too busy, so it works.  I used my mom’s vintage clutch again, and some wooden bangles. And I’m wearing the same pink heels I wore in the “Dress It Up Dress It Down” blog. These shoes go with so much even though they’re pink.

tami - patterns-89.jpg
tami - patterns-75.jpg

7-    Forever 21 striped cropped tee with & Other Stories floral midi skirt, pink kimchi blue peep-toes, mom’s crochet purse, wooden bangles

tami - patterns-80.jpg
tami - patterns-32.jpg

8-    striped pants from Anthropologie with thrifted M Missoni cropped sweater, tan Forever 21 belt, tan BC mules, colored Forever 21 bangle and one wooden bangle, vintage cream and tan clutch.

tami - patterns-41.jpg

Okay, I think that’s all I got.  Let me know your thoughts, questions, feelings and I’ll catch you all next week. 

tami - patterns-38.jpg

Last but not least, look #8. These pants are a faded blue-purple and lavender stripe.  The sweater which was a thrifted piece that a coworker gave me. It’s M by Missoni and she saw it and new how much I love Missoni so she just bought it for me.  I’m so in love with it. It actually has a small hole so those lime green butterfly patches you see, I added those on to cover the hole. I bought them at JoAnn’s Fabric. I took my sweater in with me and found a patch I liked.  Took them home and Voilà. It’s a prefect sweater again with a little extra touch that makes it even more unique. Both top and bottom have a stripe pattern, just in different directions and different variations.  The top does have a lavender stripe that matches the pants and I think kinda pulls things together.  But other than that, this one is just fun.  I paired it with a skinny tan belt, that matches the shoes.  Which are the same heeled, BC mules from the Black and White Volcom skirt outfit.  And I threw on a couple bangles for color and style.  And that’s a vintage clutch my sister bought on Etsy.  Etsy is so great for vintage/second hand bags.

tami - patterns-42.jpg