My Matisse Slick Boot

My Matisse Slick Boot

These white boots rock my world! I love that Matisse has so many vegan options.  I’m also in love with White! White tees, white shoes, boots, bags, jeans, dresses.  I love it all. So these white boots make me so happy and I think they go with so much. I know some people rely on black and their go to color.  It matches everything, always looks dressy, and It’s easy to coordinate everything with black. And I do agree. But I feel like white can be the same, if you give it a chance. So here are 8 looks I styled with my Slick boots and I hope they give you some ideas of what to do with your white shoes.  Or make you wanna get a pair, if you don’t already have any.  These boots are super comfortable.  The heel isn’t too high (2.5”) and the boot shaft is tall enough where I can wear ankle socks.  All those things make a huge difference in the comfort level for me. Okay, now on to the fun pictures!

1.   Mom’s purple skirt- lavender sweater, tan Billabong cross-body, gold jewels, wooden bangles, Nashelle hoops.

This is one of the few pieces I have from my mom from when she was young. They moved to 2 countries between the time my sister was 2 and then when I was 2 so she wasn’t able to keep a lot of her personal belongings. And this actually used to a be dressed she turned into. Skirt long before it ever made it to my hands. The lavender sweater was a find at Crossroads recently. I love the color, the weight, and that it’s a soft chenille type fabric.  The I just threw on my Billabong cross-body and some chunky wooden bangles.  Simple, comfortable, colorful.   The way I like it.

Tami - 23APR -68.jpg
Tami - 23APR -75.jpg
Tami - 23APR -71.jpg

2.   Vintage Rainbow Floral dress- open + layered over neon pink slip dress, belted with tan suede tie, white purse, gold jewels.

This dress was an Etsy find that my sister found for me, knowing how much I love rainbow anything and dresses and florals.  Anyways, the slip is from Free People. Not a color they carried for long, but I fell in love as soon as I saw it. I used a little piece of faux suede I bought at Jo Ann’s as a belt.  I buy trims like that from time to time to use as belts or ties on things, very helpful.  And then I threw on my white purse and some simple gold jewels.

Tami - 23APR -56.jpg
Tami - 23APR -60.jpg
Tami - 23APR -59.jpg

3.   McGuire blue jeans, Topshop white blouse, F21 white bag, Nashelle Green jewels and other gold jewels

This is a super basic outfit, but I think it’s still classy and has style.  My jeans are from McGuire and I live in them. My blouse is from TopShop. I put on some special pieces I got from Nashelle.  The long layered emerald stone necklace and I have a little emerald stone pendent that can be put onto any chain. I love all my pieces I have from them. Great quality, unique styles and gorgeous stones.

Tami - 23APR -91.jpg
Tami - 23APR -96.jpg
Tami - 23APR -103.jpg

4.   Billabong Corduroy romper- white F21 off the shoulder top, purple purse, simple gold jewels

I wore this romper in my post about mixing colors. I’m pretty in love with it. I got it from Billabong, on sale, but it wasn’t totally the right size for me. My hips are a big wider then my top half, so pieces like this with not a lot of stretch I usually struggle with. But I just took it to my tailor and had him take it in a little under the arms and it fits perfect. Especially when I get things on sale or thrifted and am already saving on the cost, I’m more than happy to get the altered to fit me perfectly. I  paired it with a cropped off the shoulder top that I thought gave it a little more updated look and then just threw on my plum bucket bag from Free People’s vegan bag collection (it’s 5 years old, sorry!) But they always have a good assortment of vegan bags.

Tami - 23APR -84.jpg
tami - patterns-69.jpg
Tami - 23APR -89.jpg

5.   Zara tan jumpsuit- Billabong jean jacket, mustard purse, simple gold jewels

I found this tan jumpsuit while I was at the cash register at Zara in January when they were having their big sale.  It caught my eye and I ran it grabbed it.  The only one and in my size.  It was meant to be obviously.  The Billabong jean jacket is another great little find.  This one piece is easy and comfortable and looks pretty chic.  I feel like I’m ready to travel the world in this look, lol. But seriously. 

Tami - 23APR -28.jpg
Tami - 23APR -33.jpg
Tami - 23APR -32.jpg

6.   Mini baby blue skirt- summer lover tee, navy purse, gold jewels and little fun

This mini skirt is part vegan leather and part vegan suede.  I love it so much.  My tee is from Billabong and couldn’t be truer for me.  I’m definitely part reptile and belong in the sun.  and I borrowed this purse from my mom because I didn’t want to just use my white bag again.  Back to my color mixing post, I love different shades of the same color together.  Also, the graphic on my shirt is in navy, so I thought it kept the outfit clean, but not boring.

Tami - 23APR -52.jpg
Tami - 23APR -47.jpg
Tami - 23APR -49.jpg

7.   Zara short overalls- Zara Grey pullover with sparkly ties, white purse, silver jewels and watch

I love overalls of any kind, but these ones I wear all the time. I’ve worn them to parties with off the shoulder, blousy tops, I’ve worn them to a day club in Vegas, and this is just another option to wear them out. The grey pullover is a little cropped and has those sparkly ties that I love. Both pieces are from Zara.

Tami - 23APR -13.jpg
Tami - 23APR -23.jpg
Tami - 23APR -20.jpg

8.   Blush MOTHER denim, Zara white tank, FP navy beaded jacket, pink beaded bag, silver jewels with diamond earrings

Last, but not least. This is my slightly dressy look here. I feel like this would be great for a nice dinner, going to some sort of event in the evening, or even a night out to a club or something.  These MOTHER jeans are so comfortable and they’re just a subtle shade of pink.  The sparkly jacket is from Free People.  And my white tank is from Zara. My little sparkly purse is also from Free People.  I feel like the boots give it a more edgy look, which I personally love.

Tami - 23APR -6.jpg
Tami - 23APR -7.jpg
Tami - 23APR -2.jpg

Hope you liked this one and found some value in here.  See you guys again next week.