This T-shirt Dress 5 ways

This T-shirt Dress 5 ways

This is pretty easy. I took this Billabong T-shirt dress and styled it 5 ways. Thats all. Hope you enjoy.

1. Black tights, black ankle boots, black RVCA leather jacket, Forever 21 black cross-body bag, basic gold jewels

This is one of my going-out looks.  Pretty simple and still comfortable.

Tami -24.jpg
Tami -22.jpg
Tami -28.jpg

2. Tall grey boots, Billabong black + white fur coat, black clutch, big earrings, basic gold jewels

This one in also a going-out looks.  Could also be cute for a date-night too. This jacket can feel kinda extra, so I try and wear it with more casual pieces.  But I love it.

Tami -30.jpg
Tami -34.jpg
Tami -32.jpg

3.     Sweater jacket and converse high tops and striped socks, Free People dark grey cross-body bag, basic jewels

This is a super old sweater I’ve had for at least 7 years.  But its snuggly and comfy.  This is a super easy and comfortable option.  I’d wear this one anywhere. 

Tami -6.jpg
Tami -7.jpg
Tami -3.jpg

4.     Belted with a skinny blush belt, Free People pink boots, vintage burgundy bag, basic jewels

This is an easy option when really just wanna showcase the dress and not layer anything on top of it.  And I like doing all different shades of the same color.  My belt is blush, the boots are pink, the dress is a washed shade or maroon, and my bag is burgundy.

Tami -40.jpg
Tami -45.jpg
Tami -47.jpg

5.     Tall cream socks, Roxy boots, jean jacket, Free People Tan cross-body bag, basic gold jewels

This is another easy look.  Comfy, a little warmer with the boots and tall socks. 

Tami -20.jpg
Tami -19.jpg
Tami -12.jpg

KK- all done for now. Catch ya next week. <3