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5 Different Ways to Wear Your Cropped Sweater

Tami DaylamiComment
5 Different Ways to Wear Your Cropped Sweater

This post is about styling your cropped sweater in a less obvious way.  Options where you don’t have to show your stomach, but you still can wear the cropped sweaters you love.   I picked a simple color, cream.  I picked a simple silhouette, a straight body, not tight, but not too baggy. Something that can be layered over stuff easily.  And I picked this chenille fabric because it always has a little shine to it, so you can dress it up if you like.  Here are the 5 ideas I came up with.

PS - this was also another idea i got from a comment by Shar @dazzle_pop

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Zara overalls – Billabong olive green high-tops, Roxy crossbody

This is a super easy one.  Any overalls can do the trick here. There are no rules to this one.  Just pair your colors and you’re all good.  I wore my high-tops because I love them. That’s all.

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Novella Royale body con dress, BC slides, mustard Forever 21 crossbody

This is similar to the maxi dress.  And the body con dress can be any length. This isn’t as easy-peasy as the other dress, because that one is a flowy style. So, with this one you have to find a dress you feel good in and that looks good with your particular cropped sweater.  This would be a good place to also wear a fitted crop if you wanted to.  I wore slides, again, to keep this kinda summery.  But you can do a similar look with tall boots or short boots and wear it for any season.

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Tropical lavender high waisted pants, Billabong snake skin slides, my mom’s vintage clutch

High waisted pants are always a classy option.  You can make this a dressy look or kinda more casual, like I did here.  I could have easily worn heels, and a solid color pair of slacks.  The high waist meets right where the sweater hits.  It’s a perfect combo.  This can be mixed and matched in many ways.  You could even wear a fitted cropped sweater that tucks in just a touch to the top of the pants.  Many options here. And this can translate, easily, across all season.  Just wearing the right colors and fabrics for your pants and picking a coordinating sweater in the right weight.  Then pair with the appropriate season shoe and your all set!

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Forever 21 floral blouse, over high waisted Levis, Matisse slides, and vintage clutch

This one was slightly inspired by Cher from Clueless. She wore a cropped sweater vest and a mini skirt.  I did skinny, high waisted jeans and a long sleeve cropped sweater.  I wore a floral blouse just to add more color, but you could wear a solid color too. I made sure it was a longer blouse to cover my stomach and leave untucked. And I wore open-toe slides so it didn’t look too fall-ish.  But any shoes could go with the look.  Again, just pair your blouse colors and patterns with your sweater and shoes and it should be pretty easy.

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Flynn Skye blue + white striped maxi with low back, tan ankle boots, cream studded purse

A cropped sweater over a maxi dress, especially one with a low back so you can see a little skin, is a great option.  A maxi dress is a super easy way to wear a cropped sweater. I picked a flowy silhouette for this look just give a variety of options.  You don’t have to worry about what you eat or feeling a little bloated or anything. You can feel comfortable and wear that cropped sweater you love.  If your dress is also a free-flowing style, a cropped sweater can help add a little definition to your shape.  It can give you a sort of waistline without you having to wear anything form fitting. I picked this amazing low back dress that always makes me feel so beautiful. The cropped sweater is an easy layering piece and can be taken off If I get too hot. I kept the boots and bag simple too. You can adjust this loo for any season.

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