What's In My Bag

I have many long days where I’m away from home for over 12 hours. So many things can come up and I really like to be prepared so I can keep myself as comfortable as possible on these long days. I often have a little down time in-between things. I get hungry, thirsty, hot, cold. You name it! Here in LA, that could mean a 20 degree change in weather from some early mornings until noon. So I compiled all my major essentials and listed them out here for you.

Tami - final-14.jpg
Tami - final-37.jpg

1. Snacks! One of my favorites. I’m kinda notorious for having snacks. Always. These are a few of my go-to options, besides having fruits, veggies and nuts with me. Lara Bars and Go Macro bars both have very few ingredients, all natural stuff and very tasty. Some flavors are better than others, but obviously, thats just a matter of taste. The Primal vegan jerky is more of a treat, but also has 11 grams of protein in that thing, and it does keep me pretty full.

2. My Brita water bottle has a filter inside, so I can literally refill it anywhere. I find sometimes having a refillable water bottle is tough when you’re out and about. Sometimes we’ll be shooting somewhere where there is no drinking water, so whats the point of having my bottle, ya know? So I found this one and its been a game changer!

3. And then we have sunglasses which are pretty self-explanatory. I have a more expensive pair of sunglasses I bought years ago, I keep for fancier things, But they don’t go with everything. These Le Specs were about $60 and I leave them in my backpack or car and I don’t mind wearing them out on location. Like if they fall off my head or when I hang them on my shirt. I’m not really worried about them, so that makes them very convenient. And most importantly, they’re cute and comfortable.

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4. That colorful notebook is my journal and I have learned to take her with me everywhere I go. I can do a whole post on journaling, and actually my sister is putting something together (she’s the one who taught me about journaling). But just to be clear, this isn’t like a diary or a log of my day-to-day actions. This is where I manifest, dream, write my goals, create the life I want. So I never know when i’ll have a few minutes of downtime, or something will come to me, or I’ll hear something that I really wanna write down, so I’ve learned to keep it with me all the time.

5. The little notepad is actually a post-it pad. Super helpful! I know we have our phones and we can share just about anything, but you never know when you just need to write something down and pass it along.

6. That little black purse is something I keep in my backpack. So while I’m gone for long hours and I need the backpack to house everything, sometimes I will go run quick errands in between. Or we end up going to lunch or dinner or something and I don’t want to take my whole backpack. But I don’t wanna carry a big purse and my backpack. So, I’ve found this to be the most convenient for me. I keep my little wallet, car keys, and chapstick in it anyways, even while it’s in my backpack. So, If I need to run out anywhere, my essentials are already in there and I can grab it and go!

Tami - final-25.jpg
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(on the left)

7. My mophie external battery!! Life. Saver.

8. I also keep a wall charger attachment, incase that’s an option, but it’s usually easier to just use the mophie.

(on the right)

9. Travel tissue pack

10. gum

11. Tom’s deodorant

12. Alba SPF 30 sunscreen,

13. Hand lotion from Whole Foods,

14. Sun Bum SPF 30 stick ( I use it on my face, glides on easy and smells amazing.)

15. SunBum SPF 15 chapstick.

I think all those things are also self-explanatory. But like I said above about the weather changing. Some days it could be cold and overcast and you can’t even imagine the sun coming out, but by 11am it could be 75 and sunny and I hate getting ugly tan lines. Meaning anything that isn’t a bikini. So having sunblock around is necessary. and I do put SPF 50 on my face ever day. But when you’re outside for that long, you need to reapply. And that SunBum stick makes it really easy!

Tami - final-29.jpg
Tami - final-34.jpg

Here’s me with all my goodies! I know it can look like a lot, but that’s part of the reason I keep it in a backpack and not just a shoulder bag. It’s more convenient to run around with and I don’t feel like it’s too heavy when it’s on my shoulders. (Juice not included)

Tami - final-44.jpg
Tami - final-50.jpg

I’d really love to hear your feedback on this. I know it’s not the normal styling stuff, but I thought this could be helpful too.