Some of My Daily Practices

I think there are a few things that I’ve been consistently doing that I have found really helpful, so I wanna share.  Obviously, these are things that have worked for me, and may not be for everyone, but just sharing.


1.     Daily Journaling- this was a huge game changer for me.  Huge!  I started journaling probably 3 years ago.  My sister needs to do a tutorial on this, but I can give a bit of a description.  This isn’t a diary of how your day went, or your newest crush, or how annoying your coworkers are.  This is where you write your goals, and not in future tense, but in present tense.  Meaning you write like you already are/have all the things that are on your list of goals. For example: I want to have my own vegan/ethical/sustainable clothing line. So, I journal – I am a designer and I have my own vegan clothing line. Everything is ethically sourced, sustainable and locally made. And so on with all your other goals.  There are more specifics, so as soon as Tara gets that tutorial together (T-*nudge nudge*), I’ll be blasting you guys with it.  But basically, this single practice has done so much for me and I believe EVERYONE should be doing it.  Daily. 

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2.     Daily Gratitude’s- I usually write these down.  I aim for 5, I often can think of 10-15 easily.  But I try to go with the first ones that pop into my head.  I’m working on saying these out loud more.  There is so much power in saying things out loud.  I know it sounds silly.  But try looking yourself in the mirror and saying you’re beautiful.  It kinda brings you to tears sometimes.  Not because you’re not beautiful, but becase how little we say these things to ourselves.  And saying it out loud really reminds us of that.  So just practice saying things out loud.  There are also statistics about the probability of things happening from a thought to writing it down, to saying it out loud.  It’s kinda magical. 

3.     Eating more raw + whole, plant based foods- I’ve been vegan now for almost 4 year. Give or take a few months, because it wasn’t a hard-set date for me.  But over the past year I’ve been working on cleaning up my diet even more.  I don’t believe in huge restrictions.  If I have a craving, I’ll have it. But I can find a healthier way to have that craving and everything can be in moderation.  But I’ve started eating more raw fruits, nuts and veggies and also eating less processed foods.  I’ve also been learning about food combining and the order in which we eat foods and how they digest best.  So, I’m just incorporating all that into my daily eating and I feel a lot better, less bloated, more energy, less need for coffee/caffeine.

4.     Working out – I’ve always been pretty consistent about this (except the 4 years I was doing retail management- I basically quit my gym membership and hardly worked out for 3 of those years.  I was also really unhappy with my body, kinda depressed and in an unhappy relationship- for sure all connected!) But I find that when I work out, I’m just happier and more productive.  So, sometimes when I’m low on energy, I’ll go for a workout and I’m usually pumped back up when I’m done.  And It helps me sleep better.  I go about 5-6 days a week.  Nothing too intense. Anywhere from 30-40 minutes of weight lifting.  I do cardio every 4 or 5 days. And I try to have 2 of my workouts every week be a little more intense and get really sweaty- besides my cardio days. 

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5.     Going for a walk- this is a newer discovery for me and I definitely get lazy about it.  But this has been a really great way for me to clear my head, change my mood and boost my energy.  (I’ve actually been wanting to write this blog for over 3 weeks, and I just got home from a walk and I’m finally doing it) So, basically, go for a walk!

6.     Visualization- this is something I’ve always done, but didn’t really know what it was.  I called it day dreaming, but It’s more than that.  It’s picturing yourself in the place you want to be.  Meaning if all your goals came true, what would life look like? Picture yourself there.  How do you feel, how do you act, what are you doing? Then, taking all those answers and implementing them into your daily life. Meaning, act like the person who already is all those things.  That’s the fastest, and maybe only, way to get to achieve all you want. 

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Things I’m working on that have come highly recommended:

1.     Meditation- I do some peaceful nature sounds and clear my mind, but I think I need to do guided meditations, because I still need more practice at this.

2.     Reading more- I’m a slow reader, always have been, and I know the only way to get better is practice.  So, this is definitely something I’m working on.  Plus, reading is so good for your brain.  And there are so many good books out there with information that can help me grow. 

3.     Stretching- I basically do a little bit at the gym every time I work out, but I wanna dedicate more time to this, and also do it on the days I don’t go to the gym. 

4.     Breath work- I’ve gotten better at catching myself when I’m not taking deep enough breaths (we tend to breath shallow, which keeps our body in a state of panic.  Wonder why we all have so much anxiety!?) a couple of solid deep breaths can literally calm you down so much.  Your body will relax and then hopefully you can be more clear-minded and the more productive.  But there is so much more to breath work.  I don’t know enough to explain, but definitely look it up. 

Hope this is helpful, and as always, I’d love to hear your feedback.