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Vintage Nightgown Set

Tami DaylamiComment
Vintage Nightgown Set

I wanted to show how a retro nightie, that looks super conservative and almost like a costume, can be made into a super cute outfit.  I split the pieces up because I think together, they do look very costume-y. I made 2 looks using the slip dress as a dress, and 2 looks using the bed jacket as a kimono. I bought this gorgeous 2 piece set from The Vintage Underground in Chicago when I was there visiting earlier this year.  The set was around $70.  It’s in perfect condition and quite a steal at that price.  The tag says it’s from Saks Fifth Avenue. I feel like this is a little piece of history.  Art, but for your body.  That’s basically how I view fashion. But this little set is extra special to me.  The colors are amazing and I always love a lace trim.  Anyways, on to the looks I created!

Tami - pink-42.jpg

Cropped peach Forever 21 sweater with white boots, tan undergarments, white purse, gold rings, hoops

The dress is fairly sheer, but I’m wearing nude undergarments, so they don’t stand out as much. I put on the cropped sweater, because I love cropped sweaters, but don’t always wanna show my stomach and I think wearing them over dresses is a great alternative. Also, the crop sweater stops somewhere around your natural waist to also give a little shape. The white boots are just always fun. I accessorized with the white purse, to pull in the boots and some basic gold jewelry.

Tami - pink-24.jpg
Tami - pink-26.jpg
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Black belt with black undergarments, black boots, plum tote

This is a slightly sexier look.  Since the dress is sheer and I know you could see my under garments, I wore all black everything to spice it up.  Black boots, black bra, black shorts.  The black belt helps cinch in the waist to give you a little shape.  Especially my ladies with bigger busts, this is the way to go for you.  And I threw on the plum tote instead of a black one, just for fun. 

Tami - pink-12.jpg
Tami - pink-3.jpg
Tami - pink-16.jpg

Flowy FP dress pink boots, tan Free People purse, gold layered necklaces, lots of jewels, gold watch

Wearing this as a kimono was actually a lot easier than just wearing the slip as a dress. I picked 2 of my favorites, but I could have made a lot more.  First look, the kimono belted over a lacey, little flowy dress.  The dress is kinda sheer, so it’s hard to wear on its own, so the kimono is perfect for this.  And it’s very flowy so the belt helps the kimono stay in place over the dress and gives the dress a little extra shape.  The pale pink belt and pink boots are all different shades from the kimono pink, but I like doing that with colors.  Wearing a few different shades of the same color.  And I wore a nude purse just so it didn’t take away from the outfit.

Tami - pink-64.jpg
Tami - pink-52.jpg
Tami - pink-61.jpg

Zara mom Jeans and a tan body suit tan, creamy boots, my mom’s purse, gold bangles, gold watch, big hoops

This look totally focuses on the kimono.I wore high waisted, slightly baggy jeans, and a nude body suit. Light creamy-tanish boots and my mom’s vintage crochet clutch. The kimono is the only real color happening and it keeps all the focus on that.

Tami - pink-65.jpg
Tami - pink-82.jpg
Tami - pink-74.jpg

okay, that’s all I got. Hope this gives you some inspiration.