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Silky Cami

Tami DaylamiComment
Silky Cami

The idea behind this blog was to really be able to wear an outfit from day to night, with just a couple tweaks.  Not just a certain top or a certain skirt that you wear from day to night, but the whole outfit.  The original idea was just based around this silky camisole from day to night, but then I thought, why not make it even a little more convenient by making it the outfit.  The cami is the one item you’ll see in every look, then I pick a bottom and made 3 separate looks that I transitioned from day to night.  So, all in all, there are 6 looks.  I think silky camis are so useful and versatile.  And I think, at least for me, they make me feel really feminine and sexy, no matter what I’m wearing with them.  So, I will do another post about just silky camis, but for now, here’s what I came up with.  

With McGuire skinny jeans – this one is just basic, but you always need an easy look to throw on. 

Tami - 25 July-3.jpg
Tami - 25 July-5.jpg
Tami - 25 July-8.jpg

Day Look- McGuire skinny jeans, BC mules, skinny black cross body. So this look is really basic, I know.  But It’s also kind of realistic for me.  Jeans are always my favorite go-to.

Tami - 25 July-12.jpg
Tami - 25 July-26.jpg
Tami - 25 July-22.jpg

Night Look- skinny jeans, furry bomber jacket, black boots, black + white gold chain purse. This is a typical “Tami” look. My favorite go-to look. Shirt knotted and all. The furry bomber is one of my favorites too! Ankle boots are the easiest shoes for me to wear and they always make me feel sexy. 

With Flouncy red skirt- I love this skirt! It’s bold, flirty and feminine. So, I thought it would be fun to do 2 looks with this piece as well. 

Tami - 25 July-79.jpg
Tami - 25 July-84.jpg
Tami - 25 July-85.jpg

Day Look- Billabong creamy snake skin sandals, creamy crochet bag. Again, I kept this day look simple and didn’t add any color to this look.  The skirt speaks for itself.  And with the silky cami and sandals it feels effortless.

Tami - 25 July-96.jpg
Tami - 25 July-104.jpg
Tami - 25 July-100.jpg

Night Look- tall boots, cheetah coat, black patent clutch. For the evening look I went all out! Over the knee black suede boots, Cheetah Blazer coat and a black patent clutch. I think over the knee boots can make any outfit! Add this cheetah and I think it takes this look over the top. Even though I think of cheetah print as a neutral, it does add a lot to this look, especially since there’s so much of it here in this long blazer.

With white Zara paper bag pants -These pants are comfortable, light weight, and can be dressed up really easily.  So, these were an easy pick.

Tami - 25 July-39.jpg
Tami - 25 July-46.jpg
Tami - 25 July-52.jpg

Day Look- Matisse chunky slides, peachy clutch bag, watch, basic gold jewelry.  I kept things really simple and the colors light.

Tami - 25 July-63.jpg
Tami - 25 July-66.jpg
Tami - 25 July-53.jpg

Night Look- strappy cheetah heels, beaded bolero, sparkly clutch.  Since I kept the day look so simple, I added lots of sparkles and texture to the evening look. The beaded bolero is a stunner on its own, but I added a gold and black beaded clutch to add even more sparkle.  The colors of the purse, match the colors from the bolero so it’s not like sparkles just threw up on me. And the colors in the shoes are all in the same color palette, but the shoes are velvet to add texture too.  So, the point is, even though I added several pieces of sparkle and velvet, I kept the colors kinda neutral and also all in the same family, so it wouldn’t look like a big mess. 

Okay- that’s all I got.  So, to sum up, I love silky camis!  I think they’re great and sexy and fun and versatile.  And here are a few day-to-night looks with one silky cami and I hope you got some ideas, and I’m done!