Tami Daylami

3 Ways to Dress up your Converse

Tami Daylami
3 Ways to Dress up your Converse

This post was actually prompted by an Instagram follower/friend who commented on one of my other posts wear I was wearing a T-shirt dress and converse, saying that she was always looking for more ways to wear her converse.  So, thank you for that comment Shar (@dazzle_pop) And here we are. 


So, I just picked out 3 looks that weren’t my normal jeans or shorts with sneakers looks so I could maybe give some more inspiration to dress up your converse. Obviously, these are just meant to be inspiration.  None of these items are new or current so they aren’t available anymore.  And I’m hoping you’ll just get ideas using stuff you have in your closet and match them with your converse.  I’m always open to questions or comments, so just let me know.

Look 1 – Flouncy, silky, printed skirt with flowy femme top, nude studded cross body bag

Tami - fini-66.jpg
Tami - fini-75.jpg

For the first look, I took a girly skirt and paired it with a girly top.  Both slightly on the bohemian side, but not a lot.  There are fun colors, flowy fabrics, little details like the eyelet around the neckline of my top and the buttons going down the front of my skirt.  Not an elaborate outfit, but feminine, cute and comfortable.

Tami - fini-79.jpg
Tami - fini-80.jpg
Tami - fini-73.jpg

Look 2 – Floral printed, silky, wrap dress, white bag with gold chain.

Tami - fini-93.jpg
Tami - fini-85.jpg

Dresses are always easy because they’re a “one piece and you’re done” kinda outfit.  This dress is a wrap dress, which are kinda my favorite, with certain restrictions. But they’re always very feminine. And this one is in a beautiful shade of blue with a white floral print.  Then I added my favorite little white purse with a gold chain to make it a little dressier since the converse dress it down.  I also layered on some jewels, mostly because I just love jewelry, but also because I think it adds a lot of personal style.

Tami - fini-100.jpg
Tami - fini-109.jpg
Tami - fini-107.jpg

Look 3 – Gold, pleated maxi skirt, cropped tank with lace trim, jeans jacket, clutch

Tami - fini-140.jpg
Tami - fini-144.jpg

This last look was fun.  I took this skirt that I seldom wear because I consider it a dressy piece and made it an everyday outfit.  So, I dressed it down with the converse and the jean jacket, but I kept the top a little feminine.  The top is a cropped, striped top, with a lace trim.  I think this one turned out to be my favorite. 

Tami - fini-157.jpg
Tami - fini-151.jpg
Tami - fini-161.jpg

Hope you guys enjoyed this one!