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My LaBante Purse

Tami DaylamiComment
My LaBante Purse

Okay- this one will be short and sweet. This was just gonna be 2 looks with my LaBante bag (my sister’s bag actually). But then I did a quick top switch and a shoe switch in another couple, so here we are. The point was just that this blushy-pink, beautiful purse is totally versatile and can be worn all the time. So, let’s jump right in.

Look #1 J. Crew super high waisted jeans, Wear Bare Bones cropped Plant Based Bliss tee, Matisse Cleo slides, and some simple gold jewelry. This look is me, on the daily. I love jeans and cropped tees. I love my Matisse slides and I love that my purse matches my pink writing on my tee.

Tami - fini-3.jpg
Tami - fini-4.jpg
Tami - fini-8.jpg
Tami - fini-12.jpg
Tami - fini-10.jpg

Look #2 Same J. Crew super high waisted jeans. But then I swapped out my top for this old Volcom off-the-shoulder sweater. It’s at least 7 or 8 years old. Same Matisse Cleo slides and simple gold jewelry. This feels just a little more dressy, like I could just run out to dinner with a friend or something like that. I also really love the colors together. The mustard yellow from the sweater with the soft pink. One of my favorite color combos.

Tami - fini-14.jpg
Tami - fini-28.jpg
Tami - fini-24.jpg
Tami - fini-27.jpg
Tami - fini-23.jpg

This gorgeous blue dress is from a boutique in Manhattan beach that I just bought on a whim. My white Matisse Slick boots, Nashelle pink necklace, layered with a beaded necklace I got at that same boutique in Manhattan Beach, a big stone Nashelle ring, and some gold hoops. I love all the colors here. I feel like I could go to a party, a casual, outdoor wedding, a dinner, or so many other events in this look.

Tami - fini-31.jpg
Tami - fini-51.jpg
Tami - fini-44.jpg
Tami - fini-42.jpg
Tami - fini-61.jpg

Here are just some close ups of the purse and a pair of old Matisse shoes that just paired so great with the purse!

Tami - fini-113.jpg
Tami - fini-127.jpg
Tami - fini-117.jpg

Hope you guys enjoyed this one!