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7 Looks in My Billabong Boyfriend Tee

Tami DaylamiComment
7  Looks in My Billabong Boyfriend Tee

The concept on this one is pretty easy, I just went with a bunch of different looks and tried to make everything work with this one boyfriend tee.  I think it worked out pretty well. 

1. This might be one of the outfits I wear the most, jeans, a tee, ankle boots. It’s easy and comfortable.  I feel casual, but like I still took time to get dressed.   These jeans were a random find at H+M last year.  They’re called the girlfriend jean. I think it’s because they’re kinda like a slim fit boyfriend jean. mid/high rise.  I never found them again. But they’re a good staple in my closet. These BC boots I bought like 4 years ago and I wear them a lot because they match with so much and they’re comfy. That bag is literally at least 10 years old. I’m wearing my staple jewels I wear everyday:  my mixed bangles from Iran, Michael Kors gold watch, 3 simple gold skinny rings, my thin Nashelle gold hoops, a skinny gold chain with a gold heart pendant.   

Tami - final - roof-91.jpg

1. HM Boyfriend jeans- knotted up, tan BC boots, tan belt from Forever, old Forever 21 bag with stripes, Michael Kors watch, staple jewels

Tami - final - roof-99.jpg
Tami - final - roof-102.jpg
Tami - final - roof-100.jpg

2. And this one is my staple summer outfit.  Very similar to the first look, but I swapped the jeans for some cut-off shorts, slightly baggy, and my ankle boots for some high tops. These high-tops are so comfortable, it’s insane . THey’re from Billabong and I have them in 3 colors. They have a super squishy insole. I liked colored Denim a lot and I have a few pairs of colored cut offs. I feel like it’s an easy way to switch things up without giving up my comfort.  I almost always wear tees or tanks with my cutoffs so it’s still easy to match them with any colored shorts, really.  Same jewels as above.

Tami - final - roof-1.jpg

2. Free People Colored cutoffs- loose front tuck, billabong high tops, plum Free People purse, staple jewels

Tami - final - roof-9.jpg
Tami - final - roof-13.jpg
Tami - final - roof-10.jpg

3. This is one of my favorite and easiest ways to feel like I’m a little dressed up.  The skirt is beautiful, high rise, so it makes your waist look nice, , but still so comfortable.  The ankle boots are also super comfortable. I’ve had them for 5 years or so and they also go with so much.  But I look more dressed up then the look where I’m wearing jeans. Still the same jewels. Also, take note of my super cool “Vegan” pin from @veganpowerco . They have some super cool, retro inspired gear!  

Tami - final - roof-105.jpg

3. Forever 21 Floral midi skirt - knotted up, Rebels taupe ankle boots, red crossbody, staple jewels, Levis jean jacket

Tami - final - roof-114.jpg
Tami - final - roof-112.jpg
Tami - final - roof-113.jpg

4. This is another easy dressier look and I think this one could be cute for going out at night.  I just swapped the midi skirt for a denim mini that high rise and fitted..  You know I love my denim! And this plaid coat was a random find at Forever 21 one day.  They were doing 40% off outwear that day, and I was out shopping for a shoot, and this jacket is a large, but that’s all that was left.  I try not to look at sizes and just try things on and see if I like it.  It’s obviously meant to be oversized anyway, and I think because of my height it still works.  I actually think the sleeves would have been too short on a small anyways.  It looks like wool, but it’s not, obviously.  It’s light weight, but warm and snuggly. 

Tami - final - plaid redo-13.jpg

4. Zara Denim mini - tucked in, F21 plaid coat, Rebels taupe ankle boots, zipper clutch, staple jewels

Tami - final - plaid redo-18.jpg
Tami - final - plaid redo-17.jpg
Tami - final - plaid redo-11.jpg

5. This is one of my favorite “going out/club” outfits.  I wore this outfit in Vegas like 3 years ago, I wore a different white tee, and different black ankle boots, but basically the same thing and I was so in love with it.  I felt sexy and unique and still comfortable.  I do need to get a new sparkly skirt because this one is clearly too tight on me.

Tami - final - roof-131.jpg

5. Forever21 Sparkly mini-knotted up, RVCA black leather jacket, F21 black and white bag, staple jewels

Tami - final - roof-149.jpg
Tami - final - roof-143.jpg
Tami - final - roof-128.jpg

6. I wish I had a silky-slip dress to wear it over, but that red floral dress is all I have in that genre right now.  But I am looking for some silky-slip dresses.  I feel like they’re super versatile, great for layering for different seasons, dressing up or down for different occasions, and also really comfortable.  I think this outfit could have also been great with some sandals, I just prefer sneakers for some reason. 

Tami - final - roof-60.jpg

6. Over a FP maxi dress- knotted up over the dress, mustard clutch, denim vans, staple jewels

Tami - final - roof-63.jpg
Tami - final - roof-58.jpg
Tami - final - roof-45.jpg

7. These are some crazy cool vintage pants I got from a shop in Chicago. My friend Annette from @avintagesplendor recommended It has a matching top too.  I actually wanna do a post with just thrifted/vintage finds, so maybe I’ll do that and showcase both pieces there. But for now, I have them here with the boyfriend tee.  This was a super comfortable and easy outfit. The pants have an elastic waist and can be worn high rise, or lower on the hips. I’m wearing a couple Forever 21 bangles, one wooden, one looks wooden, but it’s super light and kinda a pear green color.  This is an old Forever 21 mustard cross-body bag, and i’m wearing the same ankle boots from the sparkly skirt look, you just can’t see them since the pants are so wide.

Tami - final - roof-84.jpg

7. Crazy pants (Vintage from Kokorokoko Chicago) - knotted up, black boots, mustard cross-body purse, 2 bangles from F21, staple jewels

Tami - final - roof-85.jpg
Tami - final - roof-76.jpg
Tami - final - roof-86.jpg

Again, all this stuff is just stuff from my closet.  A lot of these pieces I wear all the time.  Most of the jewelry is stuff I’ve accumulated over years and I wear them every day.  I live in ankle boots and sneakers.  So, the heels are the only shoes I don’t wear too often. I hope this gave you some ideas. I’d love to hear your feedback. Thanks for reading!