Tami Sofia
Tami Sofia

Closet Cleanse:

I generally like to do this first, before we dive into shopping. Sometimes you have more then you know hiding in your closet and we just need to bring it out.

We will go through your entire closet and separate everything into categories – the keepers, the give-a-ways, and the need-to-repair items. (And of course I also have a solution for pieces that don’t fit neatly into any of these piles).

There are infinite scenarios when it comes to cleaning out and organizing your closet and I love a challenge!

  • This should be done every season
  • Follow my step-by-step checklist
  • Sort things according to your needs
  • Reorganize and revamp

Packing for Travels:

This might be one of the biggest problems I have had to personally overcome. Over-packing!

  • I have packing down to a science
  • Never be over-packed or under-packed again
  • Pack for a fun vacation
  • Pack for a business trip
  • Pack for any possibility

Wardrobe Makeover:

  • Let find what you love and works for you!
  • I have several books of styling inspiration for us to go through to get ideas
  • We can map out what pieces that are part of your core style


Shopping & Styling:

Shopping: Once we know what we love and what we need we can head out and start shopping. We can do this a few ways

  • We can set an appointment and go shopping together- online or out at stores
  • We can agree on a list of things and I can shop for you and then we can have appointment where we try on and assess everything
  • You can shop for yourself and we can have an appointment where we try on and assess things together.

Styling: This is probably my favorite part.  This is where we start creating outfits for you!  We can pair things up and take snapshots of everything so you can always have a catalog of go-to outfits for any and all occasions


General Home Organization:

  • Closet organization in any closet in the house (office, kitchen, garage, etc.)
  • Reorganize a room for maximize space
  • Create a home office
  • Create an office space in a garage
  • The possibilities are endless

Styling for a specific event:

  • We can sort through what you have
  • Set up an appointment to go shopping
  • We will put together the perfect look for you